Our tours and vehicles are all weather safe yet due to the remote nature of our tours, cancellations and or changes can happen that are outside of our control. We rely on
notifications from third parties regarding weather, fire and road warnings that may interrupt our tour(s). From time to time these notifications may not be processed or received before our tours begin.

Bookings & Cancellations
At the time of booking through our online services some conditions are required to confirm each booking.

(A) Cancellations and Changes – By Customer

1. Cancellations in any form, verbal call, mobile texting, email are accepted.
2. Cancellations less than 48 hours prior to the beginning of the booked tour forfeit 100% of the total purchase price.
3. Cancellations of greater than 48 hours will be refunded accordingly to the contractual amount and incur a cancellation fee of $30 per booking.
4. Cancellation when not attending the tour results in a 100% forfeit of the total purchase price.
5. Tour dates can be altered with a fee of $30 per booking, up until 48 hours prior to the tours departure date providing availability on the requested date.
6. Rescheduled tours can not be rebooked where special discounted offers are made available.

(B) Cancellations and Changes – By Tiger Adventure Tours Tasmania
1. Tiger Adventure Tours Tasmania reserve the right at any time to cancel or alter the tours whereby your enjoyment and personal safety to you and those around you are
jeopardised or put at risk.
2. In the case of a cancellation or changes made due to occurrences outside of our control such as but not limited to bushfires, flooding, total or partial road closures, extreme weather, dinning locations, vehicle breakdown, change of vehicle or personal health
emergency, whereby the tour or partial tour can not be completed, passengers will be notified before each tour begins and refunded accordingly:
a. Cancellations made by Tiger Adventure Tours Tasmania outside of the required 48
hour notification period, a full 100% of the contractual amount will be refunded.
b. Cancellations made by Tiger Adventure Tours Tasmania inside the required 48 hour notification period, no refund will be issued.
3. We will however do our very best in communicating to the paying passenger(s) and to the public noting any cancellations or changes prior to the commencement of the
effected tour(s) so as to remain informative and cooperative to the passengers of Tiger Adventure Tours Tasmania.

Full details within the Cancellation Policy and Refund Policy can be found and downloaded here.

You don’t need to be very fit at all. We can tailor the activities around you, so there will be no demanding walks/climbs unless you’re up for the challenge!

Rain hail or shine, we will continue the tour. The only thing that will prevent the tour going ahead is if there is a weather warning at any of the tour locations. Should this be the case, we will inform you of any changes or cancellation prior to your departure.

As there is limited space in the onboard refrigerator, we recommend you leave your beverages at home. We will be providing local wine and beer for you to enjoy. If you have any preferences, wine over craft beer, or do not drink alcohol, you can always leave a comment when making your booking.

We will do our absolute best to facilitate your requirements and needs. Leave any relevant information when making your booking. We may need to make contact with you to double check some specifics.

Guests must be at least 7 years old to come on our tours.

Our guides all have first aid training to tend to any medical condition and help bring the situation under control. If the condition gets more serious, we have an emergency management procedure in place to get emergency assistance to us as soon as possible. Please let us know of any medical condition, no matter how big or small you think it is, by leaving the information within the booking process.

Yes you can. If you would like to have a tour specifically constructed for your interests, a one day or multi-day tour, please make contact with us and we will be more than happy to be of service to you.

Unfortunately we are not a tag along tour and therefore you won’t be able to follow behind in your own vehicle. Tiger Adventure Tours Tasmania has been specially granted permits and permissions to access roads within the tour that are not accessible to everyone.

Unfortunately we do not have wheelchair accessibility within our vehicle. If you have any mobility restrictions, we recommended you get in contact with our friendly Tiger assistant and we will try our best to accommodate your requirements

Yes. Our Passenger Environmental Impact Policy can be downloaded here. You can also download our Driver/Guide Environmental Impact Policy here. We take environmental conservation seriously and will be doing everything we can to minimise our impact.

There are a number of toilet stops along the way, your guide will indicate where and when they are available.

Yes, we would love to work with you to organise your dream multi-day trip. Please get in touch to discuss this further.

Yes. You can download a copy here. If you can not obtain a copy your guide will supply these on the day.

Your safety is our number one priority. For that reason, all our drivers/guides are first aid certified and we carry a comprehensive first aid kit within the vehicle at all times. Our vehicles have a GPS activation unit that allows our head office to locate us and communicate with us during the unlikely event of an emergency.